Mario Vlasic


“By the way, my name is Funk…I am not of your world…”

I wish I could give you some awesome story about how I came to play music. But the honest and only answer is that I physically and mentally need too. Music isn’t some business to make money or a thing I do to make me look cool, it’s legitimately my life force. I didn’t choose the bass it chose me, and now were best friends for life! P-Funk gets me, “Funk is the truth.”

My stepdad traded his paint ladder to get me my first bass that’s when I started. I have a 4 string Fender love machine run through an Ampeg cab. Working on my Chinese degree. I’ve always loved playing Davey’s Uptown and want to play The Pageant in St. Louis someday.

“Open up your funky mind and you can fly…Free your mind and your ass will follow…The kingdom of heaven is within.”