Marty Mootz


The way I got into music was through a few really key avenues. I started playing banjo in high school because my dad was a banjo player. It was the only instrument laying around and I just had discovered Bela Fleck and The Flecktones and wanted to play music that sounded like that. 

So I taught myself to play out of the Earl Scruggs 5-String Banjo Lesson Book. It had all the standard Scruggs tunes and traditional banjo tunes charted out in tablature. During this time I also discovered The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Phish, The Meters as well as MANY other groups that were heavy in guitar improv and jamming. I really wanted to play that style of music so I eventually bought a guitar and started teaching myself how to play it, specifically Blues based music as I had always been told by all of my proficient musician friends that it was the foundation to any style I wanted to play and that I should start there. I took their advice and of course while learning blues tunes, I was simultaneously trying to learn songs WAY over my head from The Dead, Phish and Allmans. I guess that’s where it all really started and I’ve been hooked every since.

Years later myself and two friends opened a recording studio called Attic Traffic Productions. Late one night I headed over to the studio to work on mixes for a couple clients of mine and my business partner Chris Maddox was there mixing some material I hadn’t yet heard. I walked in and Maddox said, “check these dudes out”. He hit play, the song was Robbins by The North Fork. I said, “holy shit, who are these dudes? Where at they from?” He replied, “The North Fork, they are from here in Lawrence.” 

I told him right then that they were instantly my new favorite band. I ended hanging out for a few of their recording sessions and met all the guys and we all got along instantly. I think a year or so later they were going through some personal changes and Cole asked if I wanted to join the band, naturally I could not decline. So here we are today and I’m loving the adventure that we are on.


  • G&L ASAT semi-hollow with a Seymour Duncan Classic ’59 in the neck and the stock single coil in the bridge


  • Boss ME-50 multi-effects unit
  • Ibanez TS9
  • Envelope Filter


  • Fender Blues Jr. running JJ Tubes and a mid-boost circuit